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Enterprise Social Business Software Cloud Platform

With SocialJs solutions transform the way you do business and achieve your digital transformation at a lower cost. SocialJs is a cloud platform with a unique, user intuitive and playful UX that offered standard software solutions that can be quickly customized to enable your company to take advantage of digital tools and harness the power of social, cloud and analytics

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Sales and customer relationship

Our CRM solution enhances business performances and revenues. Automate your business processes and sales management to strengthen your performance and develop monitoring of your customer relationship daily for better loyalty.

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Project management

Our tool covers planning, project management and monitoring. Facilitate collaboration and sharing among your team members for increased efficiency. Secure the progress and outcome of your projects through real-time dashboard KPIs.

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Idea management

Create and share your ideas in just a few clicks with our Idea management software. Collect, manage and mind-map all the ideas of your communities. Increase your innovation potential and harness the power of crowdsourcing.

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What our customers say

SocialJsProject is one of the few project management software that has succeeded in combining a smooth and pleasant user experience with a large number of functionalities that are essential for the management of high-level projects. It is an excellent alternative to PPM solutions that are sometimes too heavy for agile projects and covers many more modern functionalities than free and open source tools.

Fabien Paupier Chief Product Officer, Appvizer

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Digital dedicated to companies

We support organization and business C-level, to successfully digitize their business process. From digital strategy positioning to deployment of digital business software, our solutions sustain your business process structure while delivering powerful effective and agile cloud solutions. Standalone or combined our social business software are delivered in real time adapted to user’s new way of working, and not the opposite.

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Standard and tailored solutions

With its Platform as a Service SocialJs, OIP Solutions delivers standards real time operational business solutions such as: project management, human resources, CRM, ideamanagement. Our solutions are plug & play, secure, and easily adaptable to answer your specific business process and domain of activity. Our agile technology and rapid development methods enable us to deliver within optimized project timeline and budget.

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Easy-to-use graphical interfaces

Improve your performance using easy-to-use digital applications accessible from a single Internet connection. Simplify your collaborators’ lives by enabling them to use modern, intuitive and ergonomic tools in their day-to-day work and manage their data independently. Use a scalable platform, add and remove modules as needed. Drive your business agilely.


With our standards modules SocialJsRH, SocialJsProject, SocialJsCRM, SocialjsIdeaManagement enhance your user’s satisfaction empowering them with simple social business software. No more page’s refresh, powerful automatic auto save and an unique user graphical interface that answer their needs. In real time your users safely manage their data, save time and improve their performances. Our connectors and APIs to your information system allow you to modernize it while retaining your existing assets.


Our goal is to bring real value to our customers. From 10 to millions of users, SocialJs is a totally flexible, scalable and adaptable offer. Do not hesitate to let us know your project or ask for your demo.

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