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SocialJsIdeas is a crowdsourcing collaborative solution to mind map your ideas and innovate

Solve your business issues collectively, generate new powerful ideas and opportunities

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Our ideation tool is easy-to-use, and allows you to invite your collaborators, partners, customers to think collectively, collect ideas and deliver information updates. Improve your innovation potential by on-boarding and involving any valued people. Build innovative winning offers and services!

Icon SocialJsIdeas ideas management tool to increase innovation participative

Involve customers partners and teams in strategic thinking and improve your product and service offerings, anticipate and react quickly to market and competition changes. Create and deliver best products and services in-line with customers’ expectations and reduce R&D costs.

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Mobilize all your stakeholders, start discussions. Create consensus on your internal or public issues. Write your proposals for services, policies and documents collectively to create standard document giving a common vision of the business.

What our clients say

Redstar uses SocialJsIdeas for exchanging and brainstorming with clients. A new quick and efficient way of benefiting from everyone’s ideas and innovating with a 100% digital social business software product.

Laurent Plenet Director, Redstar Agency

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Discover SocialJsIdeas

Collecting Ideas

Give your community participants a playful fast and easy-to-use interface based-on thumbnails format (text, photos, pictures, videos) allowing them within few minutes to launch and share their ideas, publish feedback from the field.

visual of socialjsidea ideas creation and management software for innovation collective
visual of socialjsideas software used collective brainstormv for collective innovation


Develop and enhance your products and services through your users and customers feedback. Benefit from the collective intelligence, and take advantage of external expertise and experienced contributors outside of your business to achieve your goals faster

Map your ideas

A playful and user-friendly interface to mind map, organize and prioritize collected ideas. Regroup ideas around “ideas trees”. Increase your performance and free your innovation potential using modern digital tools

visual socialjsideas organize and prioritize collected ideas
visual socialjsideas anime your team to improve your innovation


Increase your audiences and employee’s engagement. Assess and analyze all area of business performance with your community by asking for ideas to emerge. Crowdsource and benefit from the feedbacks of your employees, customers, consumers or administrators. Animate your partners networks


Within a company, the collective intelligence dynamics makes it possible to co-design successful business models and new ways of business. Not only employees or c-level but also partners and customers are involved in designing tomorrow innovative business offers. Mobilized teams around strategic debates with transversal issues.

For who?

Whether you are an SME or a Start Up, a business branch or a public entity, federate your interlocutors and invite them to participate and contribute to your objectives and development plans. Benefit from community insights share internal and external valued expertise and experience. Anticipate and respond more quickly and efficiently to your challenges.


Your performance and your success go through more collaboration and sharing, while discovering your unexpected innovation potential. SocialJsIdeas is powerful, easy to use solution, accessible from your PC, tablet or mobile. Drive and animate your community work, explore and collect ideas, brainstorm hot topics, contribute anytime from anywhere.

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Why use an Open Innovation Management Software in SaaS mode such as SocialJs Ideas?

Collaborative solutions in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode such as SocialJs Ideas are online solutions and agile tools to improve collaboration and innovation. Participatory innovation proposes to mobilize collective intelligence by embracing the idea that employees of an organization can have relevant proposals that can improve everyday life and information to solve problems they encounter or participate in new product development. The goal? Increase global innovation, productivity and create added value and competitive advantage, but also enhance the talent of employees and optimize collaborative work in sustainable way.

It is a management tool in SaaS mode accessible 24 / 24h and simple

Thanks to SaaS collaborative tools, the company allows the synergy of ideas and takes advantage of collective intelligence. The implementation of an open innovation software allows to engage an innovation process. At any time and from anywhere employees have access to the platform to note a new idea, comment on another, react to a suggestion and push the idea further, share documents. The company’s ecosystem develop the creativity, idea generation, promotes creation of new business

It’s a great SaaS tool to develop cohesion.

The satisfaction and retention rate of employees is a challenge for businesses today. The technological ideas and innovation management tool allows the company to easily give employees the opportunity to be engage and an integral part of the company’s strategies. Collaborative online solutions allow: document sharing; files; project planning, centralization of information … In all simplicity. What’s more rewarding! With SocialJs Ideas you give the opportunity to each employee to put his stone in the building, to exchange with other trades, to share … they will feel listened and in tune with the company.

It is an intuitive collaborative platform for developing innovation at a lower cost

With SocialJs Ideas everyone can submit their idea, vote, comment or enrich the ideas they like. Accelerate the global innovation and the creativity of the company. It is a workspace that allows employees who have never spoken to each other to exchange, to find common points or to support each other. Today the atmosphere at work is one of the key factors of employee engagement and therefore productivity. Manager, company owner, do not hesitate to equip your employees with collaborative tools.

It’s a perfect tool to engage consumer

An open innovation platform develops consumer engagement. This tool allows your consumers to participate to the product development, the conception of new product, the commercialization launching, etc. Give to you R&D team news innovative ideas and real capabilities to understand the market and the consumer’s expectations

Want to try out with your team what an idea management software can bring you in terms of innovation. Try SocialJs Ideas for free