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SocialJs CRM is a collaborative solution for sales management and customer relationship monitoring

Enhance your sales productivity and close deals faster with a real-time
easy to use sales digital solution

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All your information in one place
Contact and Opportunity management
Google Gmail, Contact, Calendar integration
Office 365, Outlook integration
Organization charts

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Capitalize on your client’s insights
Expanded tasks and activities management
Notifications and Alerts
Key Metrics Indicators
Process Automation

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View your sales pipe in real time
Customized sales process
Timeline and monitoring
Report Generation

What our clients say

SocialJsCRM is a partner for business people, providing support for all of their daily tasks. It is user-friendly and optimized to facilitate daily use whether in the office in the context of a debriefing or in a business meeting for note-taking with a customer.

Fabien Paupier Chief Product Officer/ Appvizer

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All the information in one place. Centralize, track and monitor your activities and client’s information. Personalize your customer relationship. Enhance your sales force productivity, save operations and manual entries. Automate and standardize your sale process visits and reports. Reduced sales cycle

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Automatic assignment and follow-up of tasks and interactions by salesperson, priority, type of opportunity, … . Optimize sales force actions and activities. With the organization chart gather and display contacts and prospects. Empower your sales rep with all the information they need at glance.


Share and collaborate from any devices and at any time. Capitalize on your references, sales expertise and best practices. Automate and standardize your sales processes. Quick view of all exchanges through our powerful activity timeline.

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Anticipate and take the right decisions via our Dashboard. Real-time graphical representations of your business activities and sales pipe. Performance indicators and reporting. Conversion rate and forecasts.

integration email

Centralize your email exchanges with your customers and prospects. From SocialJs CRM access your Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts or your email and your Outlook calendar if you’re on Office 365. Allow if you want your collaborators to view and share those conversations.

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Adaptable and scalable

SocialJs CRM is a full web-based digital solution. Our configurator offers many possibilities for setting-up and configuring your company functional and business process and evolves with you.

Agile and pragmatic

Your performance and success go through more collaborative and agile systems that evolve according to your goals. SocialJs CRM is a pragmatic solution accessible from your PC, tablet or mobile that meets your needs.


SocialJs CRM integrates seamlessly your IT environment to improve the functional and business coverage scope of your information systems.

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Discover SocialJs CRM the most powerful online CRM software

The goal of a CRM tool is to support you with sales and day-to-day customer relationship management. With a good CRM the sales force manages all the interactions between the company and its customers and prospects. It allows them to improve the customer relationship and meet their needs through the historization and centralization of past exchanges. The pace imposed by the business and by the competition is a challenge for every company and commercial. Today, thanks to technology, there are solutions in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to support you every day in sales management, monitoring and customer knowledge and allow you to retain your customers. A good CRM software allows you to manage your relationship with your customers but also to turn your prospects into customers and increase your sales.

CRM allows all employees in your company to be informed at the right time and perform every day. On the tool all the information necessary for customer satisfaction is centralized. Lead management is simple, no opportunity is left out. Repetitive daily tasks are automated to save time. Sales teams can focus on their # 1 business, sales and customer satisfaction.

SocialJs CRM is a customer relationship and sales management software in SaaS mode.

Its cloud technology has many advantages:

  • reduce maintenance and configuration costs while guaranteeing greater power and performance than conventional software;
  • automate sales processes;
  • visualize in real time dynamic dashboards to make business intelligence
  • improve collaborative work

Thanks to a CRM software in SaaS mode, the updated and reliable information is accessible at any time and from any place. All employees have access to data 24 / 24h 7 / 7d, in a secure way.

The CRM SocialJs CRM solution is ideally suited to small and medium businesses.

Want to test how SocialJs CRM can help you? Try for free SocialJs CRM, alone or with several the most modern solution of the market to develop your activity and the internal collaboration