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SocialJs combined application discount

2 applications = -20% 

3 and + applications = -30%


* All prices are exclusive of VAT

Our applications SocialJs include:

  • Support
  • 50 GB of storage and free updates
  • Import-Export your data via csv files
  • Customize your application via the Admin board
  • Create your automation scenarios for your processes, activities
  • Real-time exchanges and indicators
  • Backups every 6 hrs. and secure hosting
  • Integration with Outlook 365
  • Integration with Gmail


Yes you can switch from free mode to paid mode on the same space

Yes you can adapt the fields you want to your business vocabulary

Yes. When choosing your applications, you can select and install different modules these are designed to work independently or integrated together.

Yes you can decide to have different types of users depending on the modules chosen and define to whom you give access in one or more modules when you invite these people to join your space